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>> Master Connector + CommUNITY Creatrix <<

I connect you with your soul groups in the Kozmic Den by offering opportunities and tools to live out loud in your most magnificent, exalted starseed self.





Connect * Learn * Expand * Integrate

A thriving community of starseeds that provides you with ongoing daily interaction, weekly classes with other mission-driven starseeds, and weekly opportunities to integrate the material together as a group.

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Create * Strategize * Impact * Monetize

Build an integrity-based business that allows you to share your gifts with joy. Expand your community locally and online (globally), and offer them what they have been waiting for! Position yourself to finally work smarter, not harder.

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Focused * Intensive * Mission Driven * Speedy Results

Implement the strategies you learn in the Kozmic Gateway in laser focused, customized 1:1 sessions that will give you much quicker results. This is for those who are on the fast track to getting their business where they want it to be.

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Calling Starseeds who want to Connect, Interact, Learn, Teach, Grow, Integrate and Share!


I’m Kozmic Kaela and I’m batshit passionate about normalizing ‘sovereignty’. A lot of people are talking about it, but how many actually feel safe staying true to their unique starseed self when faced with constant socially programmed adversity?


We live in a culture that assumes conformity, which in reality shuts down our unique quirky gifts that actually make us individually special. When we begin to give ourselves permission to express who we are from the inside out, (yes we will trigger the f*uck out of some people – even those close to us), while at the same time we will INSPIRE and encourage others to do the same.


This is how we stay sovereign while putting the UNITY in commUnity.


I have a degree in humanistic psychology and have been a practicing certified life coach/metaphysical teacher for almost a decade. As my inner world has massively shifted over this last year, my business has too. Because, well… authenticity is my jam. 😉


I shape my commUNITY around integrity, truth and conscious collaboration. I believe we each have a gift to share when we have space to explore/express it without feeling judged or repressed. I don’t understand one-upping or comparing one to another because we each have a unique energetic signature and can harmonize WITH one another when we allow for it.


I get off on watching my clients and mission-driven members of my commUnity RISE because I understand the sacrifice that it takes to put yourself out there in the face of adversity. We are trailblazers and wayshowers of the Age of Aquarius, and when you are a part of the Kozmic CommUNITY you can expect to feel seen, supported, inspired and understood.


You matter. I matter. Don’t just talk the talk. Walk the walk. As we teach and learn from each other, we truly make a difference. Together we lock arms and RISE.


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